Going ‘long’ on Atlanta Adventure Run

Every third Thursday of the month, I try to take part in an Adventure Run, hosted by the Road Runner Sports location not far from my house. It’s a great way to sneak in what is for me, a long run.

For those not familiar, Adventure Runs are a bit of a scavenger hunt. At 7 p.m., a map is revealed at the start/end point (in this case the Road Runner store) with several “stops”. Participants then try to get to as many of those stops as possible within an hour. At each stop, runners collect tickets which are then drawn in a raffle immediately following the run.

I’ve found that breaking the run into short, attainable distances really helps me go longer than I normally would. For this run, I logged 5.6 miles — two more miles than a “normal” morning run.

I was able to make it to several stops, including a few outliers that I hadn’t attempted on previous Adventure Runs. The Strava map shows the route. I made it to the following checkpoints:

  • The North Face Retail Store
  • Bluemercury
  • Trader Joes
  • Atmasphere
  • Roots Pressed Juices
  • Bhojanic
  • ROC House Fitness Spa
  • Naan Stop

I collected quite a few raffle tickets, but frustratingly, won nothing. Meanwhile, a guy not far from me took home four prizes. When the luck is going your way…

Despite the lack of prizes, It felt great to log that many miles, on a hot and humid July evening in Atlanta.

Day 2 of cycling was a blow out

I was off and riding for the second morning of my new fitness hobby, cycling. Things were going great as a weaved my way through the neighborhood streets of Buckhead. That is, until….


Apparently that’s the sound my front tire makes as the innertube succumbs to too much pressure, a pinch, rock or something. Anyway, it was blown.

Fortunately, heeding the advise of many more-experienced riders, I had packed a spare tube and C02 cartridge for reinflation.

After much wrestling to actually get the tire off, the blown tube was extracted. More wrestling, grunting, swearing, and the tire was back on, with a new tube.

Popped the CO2 gun on the stem, pressed to inflate…


I’ve now learned that reinflation of road bike tubes requires a bit of a careful touch. Challenging with a sensitive CO2 gun trigger.

With no more spare tubes and C02 at the ready, the ride, was over.

So, leaning the bike back on its rear wheel, with the deflated front wheel up in the air, I began the long walk of flat tire shame back home.

Clearly, more learning to do…

Wednesday morning’s run

Ah, the dreaded hill climb route. This one is shorter than my normal routes, but has a lot of elevation changes. Nothing is flat. I’m either going up or down a hill for most of this one.

The Chastain Park Trail hits hard about halfway through this one, with a steep climb from Lake Forrest Drive to Powers Ferry Road — a rise of 68 feet in just 0.2 miles. A segment known on Strava as the “Trail of Tears”.

While my split times were nothing special, I was happy to realize that I actually set a Personal Record on the aforementioned “Chastain Trail of Tears” with a time of 2:29.

Australia is worth the ‘long haul’

USA TODAY’s series on traveling to Sydney, Australia on board Qantas‘ Airbus A380 continues with its latest installment publishing today:

Why the land down under is worth the long haul

As you know, I teamed up with travel writer Jennifer Franklin to chronicle the journey and show you how great the Qantas flight is and share some of the highlights of what you can see and do when you arrive Down Under.

First, we “busted” the Five Myths of long haul travel, with special thanks to Qantas.

Then, Jennifer shared her experience aboard Qantas Flights 7 and 8 — the longest regularly-scheduled flights in the world — taking you from Dallas, Texas to Sydney and back.

Now, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from our trip, once we actually arrived. Of course, the Qantas crew was happy to offer their suggestions on what to see and do. I’m also very thankful for Destination New South Wales in arranging our itinerary while in Sydney.

The video above highlights just a few of our most memorable experiences. I’ll have more videos to share when our next installment publishes.

Here are a few links to the companies and organizations mentioned in the video.

All three offered memorable and exciting experiences, and I would recommend any of them (and more) to anybody planning a trip to Sydney.

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