Music, deconstructed, is fascinating

Lately, I’ve come across several deconstructions of music that we hear every day. Whether it is the theme music for House of Cards, pop songs on the radio or classic tunes that we’ve all heard, the amount of thought and often genius behind the compositions sheds a new light on the music that gets stuck in our heads.

Most recently, NPR’s Tim Greiving filed this report on a ‘wrong note’ that sets the right mood for House of Cards.

I’ve also stumbled upon several musical analysis videos by pianist and self-proclaimed “musical genius” Chilly Gonzales, and his Pop Music Masterclasses, in which he deconstructs many of the songs we hear on the radio.

Then, there’s the much debated and dicussed opening chord — “the most famous chord ever on a 12 string guitar” — of The Beatles Hard Day’s Night. Turns out, there’s a lot more than a 12 string guitar.

Finally, this breakdown by Queen guitarist Brian May of Bohemian Rhapsody allows for a look inside the genius mind of Freddie Mercury.

Kind of Awesome